Black Slate's Start

If you're wondering how Black Slate Candle Company got its start, you've come to the right place.  I could probably trace the beginning all the way back to family summer vacations at Colonial Williamsburg and the candle making exhibit.  It was fascinating to me. That and the pool at our hotel. 

Fast forward many, many years.  I was getting together with several of my teacher friends.  It was New Year's Eve. We're all too old for the crazy festivities so we decided on a craft which happened to be - you guessed it - candle making.  And just like that, the little seed that was planted in Williamsburg, Va. began to grow.  I watched every YouTube video I could find (thank you, Wade @BlackTieBarn).  I read books and I experimented, a lot.  Eventually, I started giving candles away as gifts.  My family, friends, and colleagues enjoyed the candles so much they started encouraging me to sell them. Black Slate Candle was born.

So why the name Black Slate?  Well, that's easy.  I've been a teacher for 20+ years.  I love books.  I love history.  And of course, I love(d) writing on a newly cleaned black chalkboard (which is now a smartboard, but Smartboard Candle didn't have the same ring to it).  It turns out that slate tablets have quite an interesting history dating back to the fourteenth century.  I'll spare you the details. (My sister just rolls her eyes when I get started.)  Feel free to do your own deep dive.

In a nutshell, at Black Slate Candle we pride ourselves in making fantastic smelling, clean burning, coconut soy blend candles and soy blend wax melts with a little bit of humor and history thrown in.  It's our mission to make your space a more relaxing and enjoyable place to be.  Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you enjoy your purchases!

The Team at Black Slate Candle Company


Please note: A portion of each dollar you spend today is donated to local organizations who help to end human trafficking and provide assistance to victims of domestic violence.